Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Our Time Has Come

We have been passengers
from the day we were born,
without our word, we were sworn
to a system that does not respect
humanity before the sect;
a small group,
a few, it seems,
neglect the prospect
of a collective intellect.

The puppets of the chiefs 
say we are free,
yet our tribes are tied
to commodity.
How many times have we
bought and sold?
We work to get told:
"Do what I say, 
and give him the gold!"

The chiefs stand proud,
atop the smoking machine;
the roots are deep, 
but the earth is weak.

Whisper my friends,
with me:

"Their moral ground
is far from sound,
I saw a foot slip 
and a trouser rip,
a feverish glance
amid the prance. 
With their wagging fingers
and guilt-sweated palms,
the cane will surely split
with our demands?"

They claim we are free,
but we know we are not.
We've seen through the smile
and arrogant denial,
we're used to the lies
and policy surprise!
My friends, 
Keep hope in your heart
and fire in your eyes
We cannot let them
bring our demise.
Their time has past,
it is ours to grasp.

We are, my friends,
my fellow people, here. 
No longer sleeping alone,
we awake together. 
Banded as one
through woven minds,
connected hearts, 
our time has come,
our efforts combine.

Let us be heard,
from whisper to shout:
"We are the zeitgeist,
humanity's soul
We are the shadow
over your smile,
We are an idea 
who's time is here,
We are the young
in the arms of the wise,
we're the dream, the vision, 
the lightspeed collision,
we are the tide 
and the landslide,
the moonrise 
and the sunshine,
We are as natural as
the birth of a new way,
It is we that make our history,
all of us, one family!
It is OUR time that has come.

Together, ARISE!"

My request is for change:
We must involve all and wholly evolve;
build networks for change 
that make the existing, unlistening
system dissolve